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The Culture Around You Starts With The Energy Within You

growth | creativity | authenticity  | faith | family

Light and Shadow

A former addict that has learned to turn struggles

into superpowers using faith in God and therapies discovered during the healing journey.

Meet Kevin

Finding your best self - through vulnerability, connection, and healing

Leadership Therapist Kevin White

Harnessing the energy from within, Kevin has gone from previously viewing his addiction as only a struggle to a now being a source of "superpowers". Today, Kevin hosts the Business Addicts Podcast with guests that help addicts or are in addiction recovery as well, bringing a sense of hope, support, and peace to his listeners as they walk the journey. Kevin strives to create a path for change by highlighting his own three steps of overcoming addition: committing to step away from addiction, identifying shame, and healing. The healing process for Kevin brought clarity, light, and benefit of change from a higher presence in day-to-day life, conversation, and connection. Daily Kevin shares his joy in unconditional love that previously didn’t seem possible.  

Leadership starts with individuals investing in themselves, then reaching out to others around them.

Leadership Therapist Kevin White

Providing space for healing and growth, eliminating the need for wasted effort

Leveraging the power of personality tools, mindset healing, and energy work


Everything you want is on the other side of taking action

Light and Shadow


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